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Ottawa Jeet Kune Do International Instructor TeamLike his renowned teacher and friend, Jerry Poteet, Darryl D’Amico embodies the phrase, “Still waters run deep.” Content to let his students shine in the spotlight, Sifu Darryl has depths and levels of Jeet Kune Do expertise that are truly profound, and he is happy to share with all who come to him. Specializing in advanced energy training, Sifu Darryl can not only use every aspect of JPJKD combatively, but also break down the finer points of “inner circle” energy training.

Darryl, like many other JPJKD Instructors, brings decades of martial arts and teaching experience to the table. His students reflect his dedication as a Sifu; they are blazingly fast and explosively powerful, yet humble and respectful. Onlookers only have to watch one of Darryl’s classes to see how each person is trained to excel, and that everyone helps, rather than competes with, each other. In an atmosphere of learning like this, quality always prevails.

Sifu D’Amico is also Certified in Jerry Poteet’s Star Weapons/Escrima System. As such, he is a second-generation Escrimador with a lineage that goes back to many of the original Fillipino Masters, including Leo Huron, Angle Cabales, and several others.

As a JPJKD teacher and Full Instructor, Darryl D’Amico embodies everything Jerry Poteet’s JKD LINEAGE stands for: Integrity, Loyalty, and most of all, EXCELLENCE.

Credentials & Certifications:
– Certified 2nd Generation Full JKD Instructor
– Certified 2nd Generation Weapons Instructor
– Black Sash, Modern Wing Chun (Fang Shen Do)
– Level 5 Instructor Commando Krav Maga (CKM)
– Level 2 instructor Women’s Commando Krav Maga (WCKM)
– Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training Specialist
– Founder & Chief Instructor, Ottawa Jeet Kune Do International Instructor Team

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