Kids Jeet Kune Do Kung Fu

Our Kids JKD Kung Fu program is geared towards providing a fun martial arts experience while instilling the positive and life-changing benefits of the Kung Fu traditions. The classes emphasize goal-setting and positive reinforcement of personal success while teaching children how to stay safe and avoid violent situations.

Through instruction of realistic and effective techniques and tactics in a fun and productive environment, JKD Kids (ages 6-13) learn & develop:

• School-friendly anti-bullying tools
• Prevention and Awareness Skills
• Real self-defense, striking & grappling
• Self-confidence
• Leadership qualities
• Proper focus, self-discipline & respect for others
• Balance, speed, coordination & agility
• And so much more!

Contact Head Instructor Darryl D’Amico at 613-266-6614 or for more information and pricing.