Women’s Smart Safe Self Protection Course

Women's Self-Defence Ottawa

Welcome to the most comprehensive self-protection system for women in the world today!

The 10 hour Women’s ‘SmartSafe’ Self-Protection Course is an evolved and effective system that reinvents and revolutionizes self-protection for women. A fusion of awareness, prevention, and physical self-protection techniques, this system offers all women an easy and fun way to exponentially improve their personal security and to better protect their children. Women’s ‘SmartSafe’ is a reality based system that has been designed to be specific and relevant to women’s individual daily lives.

Our instructors are trained to allow women to advance at their own pace and work within their own comfort level. The non-threatening approach allows women to explore danger in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

Women’s ‘SmartSafe’ training is customized to protect YOU, thus it is reality and scenario based. The techniques were developed from extensive research on the specific methods attackers use against women. In the scenarios we recreate attack situations that are supported by extensive research of case histories of actual attacks against women. We also build scenarios around the threats you face in your daily lives so that you prepare yourself to both prevent attacks and escape from attacks.
Next 10 hour course: Monday, May 1,8,15,22,29, 2017
Course Fees: $60.00 includes HST
Contact Darryl D’Amico at 613-266-6614
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